As a connected, 21st-century communications professional, you get it—blogs matter.

Sure, some are spur-of-the-moment ventures that last little longer than the average Snapchat selfie. Others are glorified online diaries of interest only to the bloggers’ friends and family (and sometimes not even them.)

But the good ones are another story. They’re a thriving community. Venues where people with shared passions can exchange ideas, opinions and recommendations. Tastemakers. Trendsetters. Word of mouth generators.

Connecting with the right blogs offers you unique opportunities to create brand buzz and awareness. You know this, and you want to reach out to the Quebec blogosphere to promote your brand. There’s just one petit problème: French.

You want to build a network of bloggers in Quebec, but you don’t speak the language. Maybe you’ve never even set foot in la belle province. What to do? Dust off your old high school French textbooks and take a stab at reading some likely-looking blogs, hoping they don’t get more advanced than “My pencil case is blue. What colour is yours”? Cut and paste some posts into a translation program and try to decipher the resulting gobbledygook (“I hope to drink a glass of tepid monkey”)? Email some bloggers in English and keep your fingers crossed that you don’t create a bad first impression?

Mais non. There’s an easier way. Use the mononews Quebec bloggers program. We know the language, the culture and the media landscape, and we’ll ensure your stories reach influential bloggers whose interests intersect with your brand.

We’ve built up a handpicked network of ten professional lifestyle and leisure bloggers who are serious about their writing and authentic in their love of brands. Each of their blogs is supported by other Quebec lifestyle sites that enhance their visibility. And because we know you want measurable results, we provide you with social media reports after each campaign that quantify its impact.

That’s why the mononews Quebec bloggers program is the smart choice—in any language.
Here is a link to it:

Is it time to up-date our reporters lists?

You’ve done it. You’ve written the perfect lifestyle-news press release. It’s wittier than Wilde and buzzier than a hive of bees on meth. It grabs readers’ attention right from the catchy headline, pulls them in with a snappy lead, then dazzles them with irresistible content and punchy quotes until they reach “-30-.” It’s the Mona Lisa of press releases, the crowning glory of your communications career.

Now comes the hard part. How do you get this masterpiece to the people you want to read it? You can’t just send it out on a couple of general newswire services and hope it makes its way to the right reporters. In our super-saturated media world, it will sink without a trace faster than the Titandenburg (unfortunate love child of the Titanic and Hindenburg). You need a dedicated, up-to-date mailing list of lifestyle reporters looking for just the type of content you provide.

Better pour yourself a cup of strong coffee. This could take a while. You’ll need to go online and scour the Web for likely-looking names and call up contacts and ask for references and leverage social media networks until your eyes glaze over. And once you’ve devoted countless hours to researching and compiling a workable list—which in today’s fast-paced news environment should be good for, oh, a couple of months—you’ll need to put even more time into maintaining it.

Sound good? Didn’t think so. Here’s another option: sign up for mononews, and let us take care of the rest.

mononews is an affordable, painless way to deal with the crucial but tedious task of managing your media contacts. We’ve got an entire community of 7,000 lifestyle and culture reporters on our customizable list. Even better, we review our contacts every month and keep tabs on new websites, publications and shows, ensuring our network is up to date and on target.

We’ll save you the hassle of maintaining your media list—and let you get on with creating your next PR masterpiece instead.