My Un-Wish List for 2013

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I introduced the “un-wish list” last year, to address all the things we have but don’t want.

This because, in my case anyway, there is very little I wish for or need in life but there are a hell of a lot things that I have and don’t actually want (and it’s virtually impossible NOT to have or experience them).

To define it:  An “un-wish”  is to really, really, not want something that you have, but your desire not to have it is unattainable.  It is the opposite of a wish, defined as “to have a desire for (as something unattainable)”.   Or, to really, really want something it’s impossible to have.

– I un-wish for the disasters (natural and man-made), tragedies (throughout the year,  most recently the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School)  and the senseless loss of life associated with political upheaval and change, the frequency of which seems to me to be increasing at an alarming rate.  May we forego living some of the horrors of 2012 and experience more peace and stability in 2013.

– I un-wish for people who don’t have a/don’t know their real reason purpose for using Social Media, but are there because “everyone is doing it”; or, people who are unclear on the concept  of or unwilling to learn/understand Social Media.  These are the people who continuously bombard you with shameless self promotion or random information and who have no desire, or time, to share, exchange, connect, dialogue or somehow add value for others.

– (Somewhat related to the previous one) I un-wish all of the thoughtless and inappropriate comments made about gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, lifestyle, politics and disasters (you know who you are, Kenneth Cole, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, Gap, Old Navy, Bath & Body Works, Coach, Sears, JCPenney, Wal-Mart, Sports Authority, Payless, ShoeSource, Janie and Jack) made in the media and via social media.  May 2013 bring a heightened mindfulness to those using Social Media as a promotional tool and along with an improved sensitivity to the situation of others.

– I un-wish the changes to Facebook, which seem to make it easier to achieve monetization of the site, but move away from serving the needs of its users .  May this tool enabling connection and community reconsider what its fundamental reason for being is.

– I un-wish the PRSA’s difficulties in finding a relevant definition of Public Relations, and I definitely un-wish the bland, general, jargon-filled result: “Public relations is a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”  The industry has challenges enough without saddling itself with a poor expression of who it is, who it serves and what it does.

– I un-wish that sports fans at the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto booed Justin Bieber.  Yes, perhaps Justin’s music wasn’t quiet on target for the 39,491 football fans in attendance, however Mr. Bieber is a proud, flag-waving Canadian, a critical success who supports other Canadian talent.  His appearance at the event presented a viable means of attracting younger viewers to an older-skewing sport.  Besides, generally Canadians are much more polite than that!   Shame on us!  I hope in 2013 we can continue to live up to our reputation as a polite and tolerant Nation.

– I un-wish for the old boy clubs, organizations and traditions that continue to exclude and disadvantage women, like the Masters golf championship, where Virginia Rometty the president of the event’s major sponsor, IBM, couldn’t attend due to her gender.

– I un-wish for more people to receive additional electronic devices so they never have to interact with the world around them.   (I do, however, wish someone would invent an app which would periodically instruct people to look up from their device, take a look at their surroundings and, perhaps, exchange a smile or remark with someone in their vicinity.)

– I un-wish for more reality TV shows, so I can actually live my life rather than vicariously experience life through others (and very relevant experiences they are too!) and making my way on my looks and connections.

Above all, I un-wish for disease, illness, accident and suffering; for lack of education and opportunity; for ignorance, injustice, prejudice and hate.

Happy New Year everyone!

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